About The Lustful Agency

3+ years ago, we started OnlyFans because a few friends approached us and said that they needed help to grow OnlyFans because we knew a lot about marketing and branding. We then did a test run and were able to achieve quite good results, but it wasn’t enough for us.
Then we got the best mentors to help us, and through their strategies, we grew enormously.

A little more about Lustful Label:

However, we quickly realized that some of our mentor's methods were very shortterm and not sustainable. So we took those strategies and improved them over the course of a year so that we now have
a proof of concept that can help virtually all women generate high 4 to 5 figure
monthly sales.

Update March 2022

Since March 2022 we have moved our OnlyFans Agency from Bulgaria to Dubai & USA

We are proud of getting more into the international onlyfans creator market and helping more Creators with this big step. Expanding in different countries is a big opportunity for creators and us. Therefore we make sure to deliver the best possible quality to our models through hiring more and more Americans. Since the beginning of the year our team consists of around 50% American workers. Till the Q3 of 2022 we look to have at least 75% high qualified American hired. We still cooperate with our fellow European employees and try to generate at least 10 new workplaces every month for American workers.

Some numbers about Lustful Label





$ 50.000

Average earnings per month

≈ 3+

Experience in years

Your benefits working with us together

3+ years of experience

  • managed over 50+ models

  • strong connection to every model

  • we value communication and follow strictly our values

  • we aim to cooperate longterm

  • We will manage your posts, messages and subscribers so you can focus on creating content

  • you don't have to read disturbing messages, more free time to look after yourself and any additional income streams

  • 10+ employes

  • more money with our longstanding experience and strategies

  • 24/7 support

  • client obsession - your success is our success - so we will everything in our possibilities to make you even more successfull